About Us


Personalized and handcrafted leather goods that make beautiful gifts

We always loved leather. For many years we spent part of our free time in our little workshop, creating new items and turning our ideas into reality.

When it all began, we were sure that our aim was to create a high quality, handmade leather product brand that would be Craftive Leather.

Soon after, by request from different friends and costumers, we understood that the magic of our products was in the personalization that turns a good craftsmanship piece into a beautiful and unique item. Personalization that allows our costumers to have a bookmark with their favorite quote or to offer that special gift to that special person. We enjoy creating pieces that spread love and gratitude.

Craftive Leather is today, a personalized leather goods brand!

Our products are still handcrafted in our workshop in a little village in the countryside of Denmark.